Dr. Blowhole's power ballad ~Lyrics~

"Porpoise Power Ballad" is the second song sung by Dr. Blowhole in the episode "The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole" of The Penguins of Madagascar.


Blowhole: Only I, Dr. Blowhole, know
How to tame this beast and so
Won't you listen to my power ballad solo
My solo
In a world of mediocre minds
Where genius is dissed by ignoramus mankind
Prepare to be pleasantly astounded
Astounded, oh
I wanna control you (Lobsters: Want to control you, oooh)
I want to make you mine
I wanna cajole you (Lobsters: Want to cajole you, oooh)
An offer that I hope you shan't decline

I've got an ocean of devotion
And you're the one for me

A mutant disaster
Well I'll be your master
And together we'll be
In wonderful wicked harmony

Like a beautiful EVIL
Livin' large
In absolute charge
Of metropolitan NYC

I've got an ocean of devotion
And you're the one for me
You're the one for me, oooh

Private: It's the lilt of an angel's choir.
Kowalski: I sense events taking a turn for the dire.

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