The Powerdraining Candles

The Powerdraining Candles

Powerdraining Candles are candles made from a magical wax. And they which when burned out, will drain each of the Power Rangers of their powers. There exists only 5 colored Powerdraining Candles corresponding to five of the 6 Rangers (Black, Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow).

Rita Repulsa used a green Powerdraining Candle to drain Tommy of his Green Ranger powers.

Lord Zedd]] later used 4 similar candles (Blue, Yellow, Black, and Pink) to drain the powers of the 4 Rangers (Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini) he held captive within the Dark Dimension with Goldar guarding the prison under Lord Zedd's command, until the Red Ranger, Jason, intervened and rescued his teammates.


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