"Pretty Bird" is a villain song sung by Nigel in the 2011 animated film "Rio". It is about Nigel who used to become a famous movie star in the past.


I was striking suave, ambitious, feet to beak, so birdi-licious
Now I'm vile, I am villainous, and vicious, oh, and malicious

I had it all, a TV show, women too
I was tall, over one foot two
Then they got a pretty parakeet to fill my shoes
That's why I am so evil
Why I do what I do

He was a superstar
So young and vital
He’s nasty
A South American Idol
He's a suspicious bird
Who said that about me?
A very vicious bird
I'll have you rotisseried!
I'm a feathery freak
With a beak
A bird murderer
You think you're badder than me?
I've never heard of ya
I'm evil
I'll fill your cheese balls with weevils
I poop on people and I blame it on seagulls

It was him

He's a nasty bird
I'm invincible
He's ghastly
I'm unminceable
I'm unwashable
Like an abandoned school
I have no principle

All of you Brazilian birds
All 80 million birds
I'll tell you what I'm going to do
I'm going to make you

Shut up now. Shut up! It's just me.

I will make you ugly… too…

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