The Queensrÿche

The Queensrÿche

The Queensrÿche is the penultimate boss from Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction. It is a large warship used by Gofer to travel to the past in order to kill James Burton (the original Vic Viper pilot) while he was still a baby, so that he would pose no threat to the Bacterians in the future.

The battle against Queensrÿche takes 2 phases:

  • In the first you fight the frontal portion of the ship, which acts like a regular Core Warship, going up and down and firing a huge laser from the front. It will scatter bullets whenever you hit the barriers protecting the core.
  • After the frontal part is destroyed, you fight the second phase which is the entire ship. You must turn around the ship in order to enter through the opening in the back, while avoiding it's fire boosters. The entrance is protected by a lot of turrets, so you must be equipped with the back shot.

Once the barriers and the central core are taken down, the Vixen ship invades the warship for the final confrontation against Gofer.


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