Map of Ragnarok World

Ragnarok World is the name of the planet where the original Battletoads takes place. It is the home world of the Dark Queen, where she gathers her Psyko-Pigs forces. When she takes Pimple and Princess Angelica captives with the Gargantua, she imprisons them on Ragnarok's World, forcing the Battletoads to traverse the planet to rescue them.

Main locations

  • Ragnarok Canyon: The surface of the planet. A large bipedal walker guards the entrance to the planet's core.
  • Wookie Hole: A large hole filled with crows, carnivorous plants and drones. The only way to safely descend it is by rappelling.
  • Turbo Tunnel: A lengthy chasm with platforms far away from each other. The toads must use hoverbikes to traverse it, but many obstacles block the path.
  • Artic Caverns: A frozen cave inhabited by snowmen and full of slippery floors and spike traps.
  • Surf City: An underground aqueduct with fast currents, which the toads traverse by surfing. Many whirlpools and mines are on the way, and Big Blag also waits to fight the toads.
  • Karnath's Lair: A large snake pit where Karnath dwells, the only way to cross this place is by riding the giant snakes which inhabit the place.
  • Volkmire's Inferno: A lava-filled cavern created by Silas Volkmire which must be traversed with hoverjets, it is full of electric traps and missiles firing from above and below.
  • Intruder Excluder: A perilous vertical shaft with precarious platforms, as well as poisonous gas leaks and drones. Robo-Manus awaits at the top.
  • Terra Tubes: A series of water-filled pipes filled with spikes, sharks, killer rubber ducks and a giant cog which pursues the toads.
  • Rat Race: Another vertical shaft, which the Dark Queen filled with bombs to take down the toads. The toads must descend the shaft and defuse the bombs, but Scuzz will race against them and attempt to activate the bombs. General Slaughter also awaits at the bottom.
  • Clinger Winger: The interior of the Gargantua. The toads use the clinger unicycles which allows them to travel through the large walls, but they will be relentlessly pursued by the Hypno Orb along the track.
  • The Revolution: A tall spiral tower and the Dark Queen's base of operations. She obviously awaits at the top.

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