The Realization


During the movie, the villains finally know the true meaning of family, love and friendship (that depends if they did redeemed themselves) or knowing that the main protagonist is still alive who the hero believe in themselves which it shock the villains.

Other villains can make realisations that make them even more evil instead.

They come to realize on:

  • Understanding another's advice.
  • Realizing how selfish they have been.
  • Realizing that the main protagonist is still alive
  • Realizing why the heroes protect them or care about them
  • Realizing that the main antagonist lied to them and using them (Like for examples, Freddy Kruger tricks Jason by killing the children from Springwood which it lend them to face each other at the end)
  • Realizing that they decide to quit being evil by redeemed themselves like Discord, etc.
  • Among others


  • Percival McLeach realizes that Marahute's egg's are Cody's weakness.


Look here, you cheaters! We got rules around here!  (cuts a player's medal off) There's no lucky medals... (runs to the rules list) ...THERE'S NO FOUR LEAF CLOVERS, NO HORSESHOES, ​NO RABBIT'S FEET!​ (examines the rules one more time) I've been horn-swallowed. (he growls as his face and eyes turn red, steam shoots from both his ears, and lightning comes out of his mouth.)
~ Yosemite Sam realising that Bugs Bunny tricked him out of his money.


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