The Relic of Moirai

The Relic of Moirai

This light... Could this be the relic of Moirai?!
~ Bill Rizer about the Relic of Moirai.

The Relic of Moirai, also known as the Moirai Relic, is a mysterious alien artifact with awesome power that was stolen prior to the events of the Contra series. It was only mentioned and appeared in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


20 years before the events of Contra, a miner on the planet Jupiter discovered the Moirai Ruin, a namesake shrine for a race of supposedly omniscient extraterrestial beings called the Moirai. The Triumvirate found out about this, and they had violated the shrine.

They sent in an army to investigate, and they had also brought the Relic to Earth. At this time, the aliens began their attacks on Earth. The aliens are revealed to be guards trying to get the Relic back to Earth. But the Triumvirate hid the truth while the Alien Wars were going on, and Lance Bean, being the only one to have found out about it, was immediately silenced by the Triumvirate, scapegoating Bill Rizer for his parnter's supposed death and causing the hyper-magnetic weapon to malfunction, destroying 80% of the world's population in the process.

Lance had survived being assassinated by the Triumvirate and later reemerged to become the leader of the terrorist organization "Blood Falcon".

After Bill and his new cyborg partner Lucia defeated Lance in combat, Lance revealed the truth about the Alien Wars and the aliens. With the information, Bill and Lucia confronted the Triumvirate in their own dimension beyond Earth's space, who had already finished analyzing the Relic. However, the Relic merged with and killed the Triumvirate, and after a long battle, Bill and Lucia destroyed the Relic and escaped from the Triumvirate's crumbling dimension.

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