The Rings of Destruction

The Rings of Pollution

Let our Polluting Powers combine!
~ Duke Nukem as the Eco-Villains combine the powers of the Rings of Destruction.

The Rings of Destruction were the evil copies of the rings the Planeteers use, created by Dr. Blight. Each ring is a polar opposite of the Planeteers' rings.

Looten Plunder got the Ring of Deforestation, which was the opposite of Kwame's' Earth Ring.

Duke Nukem got the Ring of Super Radiation, which was the opposite of Wheeler's Fire Ring.

Sly Sludge got the Ring of Smog, which was the opposite of Linka's Wind Ring.

Verminous Skumm got the Ring of Toxics, which was the opposite of Gi's Water Ring.

Doctor Blight gave herself the Ring of Hate, the opposite of Ma-Ti's Heart Ring.

Captain Pollution

Captain Pollution

When their powers combined, they formed Captain Pollution, Captain Planet's evil clone and polar opposite.

The rings were destroyed when Captain Planet defeated Captain Pollution, though Captain Pollution would return later due to a combination of Captain Planet's presence and a large toxic nuclear spill reactivating the last of the rings' powers.


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