The Ruby Toad

The Ruby Toad

The Ruby Toad is an ancient and magical ruby jewel belonged to the supernatural god-like monster known only as the Toad God. The Ruby Toad was made from a single carved ruby and was placed on the ancient priest during mummification in order to safeguard it so no one could enter the crypt of the Toad God.

This magical relic possessed the soul and power of the slumbering god and once removed from the Temple, the god would rise up and seek retribution on the thief and return it back to its lair. The Toad God was so in tune with the relic that it was able to track it down no matter where in the world it may lay.

Ruby Toad

The Ruby Toad on the corpse of a mummified priest of the Toad God.

Once the Ruby Toad was removed from the neck of a mummified priest of the Toad God, magical energies transformed it into a toad which, unknown to Tussmann, traveled ahead of him down the passage to the crypt to awaken the god that lay beyond.

Any other powers or abilities the Ruby Toad may possess remain a mystery.

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