The Sacrilege

The Sacrilege

Sacrileges (in Japanese: サクリレジェス, Sakurirejesu) are strange golden devices of demonic origin with a blue sapphire gem embedded in them that each closely resembles a distorted heart organ. They have the power to create contortion within physical reality and to bring the Demon World closer to Earth. They are one of the many objects featured in Devil May Cry 2.

There are a total of 3 Sacrileges found within the Skyscraper Sanctum located in Uroboros City on Dumary Island. Both devil hunters Dante and Lucia in their separate scenarios used these esoteric talismans and placed each of them on the faces of mysterious evil statues on walls and doors within the building's warping and twisted rooms and hallways to progess further as they climb the skyscraper in their mission to stop the Uroboros Corporation CEO Arius from achieving world domination.



  • The objects' very own name originates from the word "Sacrilege" that is theft, violation, or injurious treatment/mistreament of a sacred object or a house of worship, or in a broader sense, any disrespect against the virtue(s) of a religion.

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