San Venganza

The ghost town of San Venganza (also misspelled "San Vengeanza").

San Venganza (also misspelled "San Vengeanza") is a town in Texas, U.S.A., once an inhabited centre, now a ghost town. It is a location in the movie Ghost Rider.

In San Venganza, every single inhabitant sold their own soul to Mephistopheles (Mephisto) in exchange of something that led to their death. After all the population died, Carter Slade was sent to collect the Contract of San Venganza which contains all the damned souls of the townspeople. But feeling its power that so great as it will become Hell on Earth, he refused to give it to Mephisto and chose to hide it.

Decades later, Slade gave the contract to Johnny Blaze, who arrived in San Venganza and exchanged with Blackheart the contract for Roxanne Simpson's life. The town of San Venganza become the set of the ultimate battle between the Ghost Rider and Legion.


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