The Savage Sword

The Savage Sword

The Savage Sword is an ancient blade with deadly supernatural powers and an object featured in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. This sword was stuck on a stone somewhere on the distant planet of Rashon and it is said that the weapon itself was more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined.

The mysterious Savage Sword was discovered by Kendrix Morgan during her research on the Galaxy Book, at the same time, Psycho Pink of the now-destroyed Psycho Rangers uploaded herself into the Terra Venture's computer mainframe to find one of the Pink Rangers. When Kendrix learned the sword was on a nearby planet, named Rashon, Psycho Pink absorbed the information regarding the sword from Kendrix's mind. Kendrix and Cassie Chan of the Space Rangers transformed into Pink Rangers and pursued her to the planet, however they have arrived too late to stop her.

Psycho Pink found the sword and pulled it out of the rock. She then used it to fight the Pink Rangers. As it was used, the Savage Sword's edge grew twice it's size and the blade's dark magic increases, absorbing energy from both Pink Rangers. During the battle, Cassie took a blow from the sword and her energy was drained completely, resulting in a demorphing form.

Psycho Pink stabbed the sword into her Astro Morpher, gaining power and healing herself, while harming Cassie in the process. The Savage Sword created a dark, energy storm barrier around itself, sending out pulses of energy that could destroy both the planet and the nearby Terra Venture space colony. Kendrix went into the eye of the storm to save Cassie. She slashes and destroyed the Savage Sword with her Quasar Saber, but was killed in the process. As a result of her sacrifice, the storm created from the sword dissolved, and Cassie, her morpher and the colony were saved.

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