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Scarlet Licorice

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~ Jessica Bailey

Scarlet Licorice, also known as DW029R or Crimson Licorice, is a powerful CR-Unit equipament of annihilation for experiment, it has great magic power than any another Realizer in DEM Industries. It is the sister of the White Licorice.

The Scarlet is a Realizer for experiments , it is a CR-Unit set that has been optimized for pure destruction and massive firepower. Because the unit has a massive power, this puts a lot of pressure on the Wizards, which limits its use to about is just 15 minutes. White Licorice was created as part of a set of two, its counterpart is a red colored of the Scarlet Licorice.

Crimson Licorice is much like its counterpart, It has been observed using the same equipment and the user seems to suffer from the same drawbacks, however due to Scarlet Licorice is an experimental version of this poem White Licorice User's life at risk much faster than White Licorice can endanger the life of the user.

After the battle against the DEM Industries, the Scarlet Licorice was destroyed with Jessica Bailey.