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The Scary Teeth

The Scary Teeth

The Scary Teeth is a TV-Tropes-popularized term about typical characteristic of a character, includes a villain whose dentures looked disturbing if they revealed it. Reasons are vary, ranging from:

  • Being rotten as result of poor hygiene.
  • Having a mouthful of sharp teeth similar with that of carnivorous animals like sharks, lions, etc., due to either malformed when born or naturally (should one is not a human).
  • A number of teeth to whole tooth replaced with durable fake teeth/fake tooth that made one's grin scary due to material used or models.
  • No longer have teeth, either due to the poor hygiene or worse, injuries by either accident or fight with a hero.

In either way, having scary teeth would made a character's smile would disturbing and even instilled fear or warned the heroes/protagonists the indication that trusting the said character is debatable.

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