The Sceptre of Rhapthorne

The Sceptre of Rhapthorne

The Sceptre of Rhapthorne is an ancient magic sceptre that belongs to the legendary demon Lord Rhapthorne. He used it to cast spells and to attack his enemies. He could also fling the orb on the top of the scepter to cause damage.


This scepter is a tall golden staff with a red crystal orb embedded in a eagle claw-like feature on top of it.

Powers and Abilities

The Sceptre of Rhapthorne possesses many sorcerous abilities to attack Rhapthorne's prey:

  • Pyrokinesis: Can conjure up fire.
  • Orb: The red crystal orb on top of the sceptre can be used to attack enemies.
  • Explosion: Can make an explosion to damage all targets.


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