The School of Evil

The School of Evil

Why you're right where you belong, my duckies! You're in school! That's right, lads and lovies. You're the only students at Mad Mod's institute for bratty teenage do-gooders. And it's high time someone taught you sprogs a lesson! Just what I said, dearie — to teach you lot a lesson! Yes, I've been watching you children misbehave. And I hate misbehaving children! Fighting crime! Saving lives! Interfering with the plans of hardworking villains! Why, you lot are nothing but a bunch of troublemakers! But you'll learn your place soon enough. You see, I'm older than you, so I'm bigger, badder, and better.You're in my world now. And you won't be getting out until you've learned some proper respect.
~ Mad Mod to the Teen Titans to teach them so they can stop doing good.

The term "School of Evil" refers to an institution for people to learn to be villains or simply an evil lair.


Training to be evil

  • The Huntsclan Academy - To train Future Huntsclan Members.
  • M.A.D. Academy from Inspector Gadget - To train M.A.D. agents.
  • School for Pickpockets from Inspector Gadget.
  • Nazi School from Education for Death - To train young boys to be good Nazis.
  • Lil' Tyrant Dictator School

Simply Evil Lairs

(Not to train anyone to do evil deeds)

  • Crystal Prep

A place of suffering for the heroes

  • St. Olga's School for Wayward Princesses
  • Crucnhem Hall
  • Hills Village Middle School
  • Terwilliker Institute


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