The Simpsons - Tito Puente Senor Burns (English)01:09

The Simpsons - Tito Puente Senor Burns (English)

"Señor Burns" is an Emmy-nominated song performed by Tito Puente and his Latin Jazz Ensemble in the episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)" of The Simpsons.

Puente wrote the song out of revenge for Mr. Burns' causing him to be downsized from Springfield Elementary School after Burns stole the school's oil. Puente felt that a "slanderous mambo" was a more fitting and more thorough vengeance than shooting Burns. Chief Wiggum cleared Puente as a suspect in Burns' shooting after hearing the song.


Wounds won't last long,
but an insulting song
Burns will always carry with him.
So I'll settle my score
on the salsa floor
with this vengeful Latin rhythm!

Con el corazón de perro ("With a heart of a dog")
¡Señor Burns!
¡El diablo con dinero! ("The devil with money!")

It may not surprise you
but all of us despise you
please die and fry
in hell, you rotten
rich, old wretch!
¡Adiós, viejo! ("Farewell, old man!")


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