The Shark Tooth Blades are the personal weapons of the Barraki leader, Pridak from the BIONICLE series.


Original Shark Tooth Blades

The original Shark Tooth Blades' origin was once unknown but it was assumed that these ones are the swords that were created in the island of Xia before they were purchased by Pridak before his recruitment into the Brotherhood of Makuta. 

After the construction of the Brotherhood of Makuta fortress in Destral was completed, Makuta Miserix, the leader of the Brotherhood summoned Makuta Icarax and Pridak to accompany Makuta Mutran in the negotiation with the Vortixx to lower the costs of the products. Mutran, Icarax, Pridak

New Shark Tooth Blades

When the Great Cataclysm struck the Great Spirit Mata Nui, the Pit was damaged by an earthquake, thus releasing the Barraki as well as the other prisoners as their cells were destroyed. 


The Shark Tooth Blades have a jagged, fin-like blades decorated with sharp teeth. The original version of these are actually an ordinary swords that have handles on each of them.



  • There was some controversy over these weapons when they were released, as the red areas at the tips appeared to resemble blood. However, it has since been confirmed.

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