Shattering Robonoids are small homeworld drones designed to scan a gem's gemstone and fire a blue explosive beam at it, thus shattering and killing the Gem. It's first appearance in the episode "Off Colors", and is the main location in another episode "Lars' Head".


The Shattering Robonoid is small, tan, and cone-shaped. The base consists of a hemispherical shape with a red pattern that serves as the front of the robot. Unlike the other robonoids, the Shattering Robonoid does not have any legs, but floats around to more easily navigate and scan the environment.


Hence the name, the Shattering Robonoids are used for shattering Gems. It does this by first actively scanning the environment for gemstones. If the Robonoid senses a gemstone, it fires a blue-white laser powerful enough to shatter the Gem in a single shot. If the Robonoid does not sense a gemstone, the Robonoid does not attack and moves on. Also, Shattering Robonoids cannot scan through objects, as seen when they could not detect Rhodonite's gemstones after Lars shielded her with his body.


Off Colors

After escaping Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond, Steven and Lars find themselves in an abandoned Kindergarten. They are immediately discovered by a Shattering Robonoid. The Robonoid scans Lars and Steven, Steven's gem starts to glow, and the Robonoid attempts to shatter his gem with its beam.

After Steven and Lars escape, three Robonoids manage to find Steven, Lars, and the Off Colors. Right as they scan the Rutile Twins, Lars attacks them by hitting them with a rock. Eventually, Lars destroys two of the Robonoids with Steven's help. Lars stabs the last Robonoid in the eye, detonating the drone and dying from the ensuing explosion.

Lars' Head

Even more drones pass by the cavern the Off Colors have taken refuge in, so Steven, with the help of Rhodonite and the Rutiles, block the entrance to the cavern with a large rock.


  • Shattering Robonoids do not appear to discriminate between gemstones they scan, attacking all Gems they detect. This suggests that they are only deployed in areas where no normal Gem activity is conducted.
  • They are unable to detect and consequently purposely destroy an object lacking a gem, thus with some cover - be it a structure or an organic life form - a Gem can escape detection.