The Spire of Shinnok

The Spire of Shinnok, also known as Shinnok's Spire.

Shinnok's Spire, sometimes known as the Spire of Shinnok is a towering ancient temple that is both home and sanctuary of Lord Shinnok in the Netherrealm, and it is one of the arenas in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. The fallen Elder God himself reigned supreme over the entire dark realm from within the chambers of his Spire for countless millenia.

This place is too revered as a holy place by the diabolical cult known as the Brotherhood of Shadows, disciples of Shinnok.

The Spire contained numerous floors which required special portals that allowed entry to the next level. A number of Wraiths and Demons were present within this arcane structure. The very top of the Spire was where Lord Shinnok's throne room was present.

Walls of spikes among many traps and dangers within the Spire are present where unwary "guests" and victims are capable of being killed on with canals of blood being present from those who have suffered and died.

The Edenian demi-god Taven at last defeated all the demons and adversaries and Shinnok reclaimed his sacred throne. He then agreed to send him back to Earthrealm in his pursuit of his brother Daegon. Those enemies Taven fought turned to be apparitions and illusions; it was all Shinnok's test the whole time.

Konquest Mode Challanges

Shinnok's Spire presents Taven with various challenges he has to surpass in order to step through a swirling blue portal that acts as some kind of elevator and advance to the next level:

  • Destroy the glowing pillars: As Taven enters the 1st level, he must first destroy the glowing pillars that releases red glowing energy to quickly fire at and light all the hexagonal colored jewels on the MK dragon symbol on the wall in the middle of the chamber as well as defeat the Wraiths and Demon Warmongers that stands in his way.
  • Kill the Imps to fill the meter: As soon as Taven gets to the 2nd level he faces a Giant Summoner Daemon. Once a third of the Summoner Daemon's health has been lost he will recede from view and tiny Imps will appear. Using the mallet supplied the player must kill all the Imps to fill the meter. The process must be repeated until the meter is filled.
  • Defeat Havik: In the 3rd level Taven and Shinnok are confronted by Havik, who does not let them proceed. Havik states that Shinnok will not regain control of anything as long as he draws breath. The statement enrages Taven who engages in Kombat.
  • Defeat all the Demon Warmongers: As Taven gets to the 4th floor he is confronted by swarms of Demon Warmongers which he has to eliminate in order to advance.
  • Sever the limbs of the Demon Warmongers: Taven will be given a flaming sword in the 5th level in the form of a darkerned chamber so he can sever the limbs of the Demon Warmongers and proceed.
  • Defeat Sheeva and Kintaro: On the 6th and final level, Taven reaches the throne room where the Throne of Shinnok is present, but he defeats both Shokan warriors Sheeva and Kintaro.



  • The structure of Shinnok's Spire appears to be similar to that of the real-life Necromanteion temple dedicated to both Hades, Greek god of the underworld, and Persephone, Greek goddess of spring, in southeast Europe where necromancy was practiced and people, mostly Hades worshipers, would communicate with the spirits of their dead ancestors.

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