Lord Shinnok's Throne Room

Lord Shinnok's Throne Room

Shinnok's Throne Room is the final main chamber of Lord Shinnok's Spire, and one of the many arenas in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and its Konquest mode. This monastic arena-like throne is where the diabolical fallen Elder God sits upon the Throne of Shinnok, which also revered as holy by his "blessed" sect of worshippers known as the Brotherhood of Shadows, while he presides over the accursed Netherrealm as it's supreme master.

It is here that Shinnok regained his throne from an insurgence of demons and other warriors, thus restoring what little semblance of authority he had left with the aid of the Edenian demigod Taven before transporting him to his dragon guardian Orin's cave in Earthrealm. But it was all an elaborate test and the entities and monsters were but illusions conjured by Shinnok's power. It is also where after Taven's departure from the Netherrealm, his brother Daegon was seen discussing with Shinnok about his plans about the Battle of Armageddon and Daegon himself chosen as the vital catalyst to Shinnok's escape from the Netherrealm via his victory in the Great Battle.


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