ShogunGekomon's Castle

ShogunGekomon's Castle

ShogunGekomon's Castle (in Japanese: トノサマゲコモンの城 TonosamaGekomon no Shiro, lit. "TonosamaGekomon's Castle") is a shiro-styled palace home to ShogunGekomon and his Gekomon and Otamamon servants live in Digimon Adventure.

After Tai Kamiya and MetalGreymon disappear following the battle against Etemon, Mimi Tachikawa and Palmon break from the other DigiDestined. Mimi is sought out by Gekomon and Otamamon from ShogunGekomon's Castle, who were told by DemiDevimon about her singing skills. They bring her to the castle, hoping her singing will awaken their sleeping king ShogunGekomon, but Mimi takes advantage of their hospitality and asks for more and more luxuries, even making them to declear her their queen and address her as "Princess.

When Tai and Joe arrive and try to take her with them, Mimi refuses, even throwing them and Palmon to the dungeon.

However, she feels terrible for betraying her friends, and when Sora visits Mimi in her bedroom that night, she admits she had been wrong. She apologizes to her friends and the Gekomon and Otamamon and sings to ShogunGekomon, waking him up.

After ShogunGekomon attacks them and the DigiDestined defeated him to save the Gekomon and Otamamon and helped them flee the crumbling castle, Mimi rejoins the DigiDestined.


  • Karaoke Room - ???.
  • Mimi's Room - A room modified into a "cutesy" royal bedroom with flower wallpaper filling the bedchamber's serene and girlish atmosphere and it is fit for "Princess Mimi".
  • Dungeon - ???

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