The Shreck's Department Store

Shreck's Department Store

Shreck's Department Store, commonly known as Shreck's, is a large department store in Gotham City that was originally owned by rich businessman Max Shreck and a location in Batman Returns. If it is still in operation, then it would presumably be run by his only son Charles "Chip" Shreck.

The store holds an annual masquerade party called the "Maxquerade Ball" around Christmas.

Related Events

  • Max Shreck's meeting with Mayor Jenkins.
  • Shreck's attempted murder of Selina Kyle.
  • Catwoman's destruction of the storefront area.
  • Shreck's meeting with Bruce Wayne.
  • Shreck's annual "Maxquerade Ball" in the storefront.


  • Shreck's appears to be a stylized Gotham version of the old Macy's department store in New York.
  • It has been speculated that the iconic cat logo is that of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. However, when discussing the logo on the DVD commentary, Burton makes no mention of this. Instead he mentions Felix the Cat, and that the inspiration comes from the idea that "evil" corporations always seem to have a cute logo, like Mickey Mouse. The animal chosen was a cat to tie in with the film's bat, cat and penguin motifs.
  • Artist John Van Fleet put the top of the Shreck's building in the lower left corner of his cover art to the Gotham City: Secret Files and Origins one-shot, published in 2000. His vision for the look of Gotham is also very similar to the version seen in Batman Returns.
  • In the Batman videogame Batman: Arkham City, scattered throughout Arkham City there are big Cheshire Cat's heads that resemble the same statue seen atop Shreck's department store. The game associates the logo with Batman's foe the Mad Hatter, perpetuating the Cheshire Cat speculation on the Internet.

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