The Skulls


Skulls (sometimes known as Death's Heads) are a very common symbol in villainy and are found in all kinds of media - due to many society's both respecting and fearing death the image of a human skull is very disturbing and has long been used as a symbol of piracy, often as the infamous Skull and Crossbones.

Many villains in fiction utilize skulls either in their name, their power or their general philosophies - in stark contrast very few heroes utilize skull designs.

Villains With Skull Motives

  • Red Skull (Marvel) - Nazi supervillain and arguably one of the most iconic of the "skull motive" villains.
  • Atomic Skull (DC) - ?
  • Sepulchure - An incredibly powerful DoomKnight who wears a horned dragon's skull for a helmet.
  • Taskmaster - ?
  • The Caretaker - Tall man with a skull-like face who is an icon for Halloween Horror Nights.

Villainous Organizations With Skull Motives

  • Invasion Force - Specifically the "Skull Hunter" cyborgs, who wear masks resembling human skulls.
  • Kremling Krew - ?
  • Omega Hunters - The skull motive is prominent in their "new" design and was also seen in their early designs.
  • Skulls (City of Heroes) - ?
  • Shadowscythe - Uses a demonic horned skull as its symbol.


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