The Sliding Scale of Anti-Villains

The Sliding Scale of Anti-Villains

Commonly, When one is speak about Anti-Villains, it could be with one kind, This however it's not entirely true, The Anti-villain as character has evolved in to many thing.

Note: For the sake of this wikia, and in contrast to his heroic counterpart, This is focus on Anti-Villains who have Good Qualities. Anti-Heroes can be added here if they had playing the role as heroes and villains (Grey Zone Characters).

Type I: The Regular Anti-Villain

These characters are always those who see as a 'good' force and commonly they are good, in the sense that they fight for good, at least in their ways.

  • Examples: Anarky (DC Comics), Angelica Pickles, Alana Bloom.

Type II: Honorable Anti-Villain

They have the potentials attributes to become a hero, Sometimes these characters can be seen as a villain but they lack the attitude as well as they have a moral code to not harm people at all.

  • Examples: Jin Kisaragi, Jin Kazama, Agent John Bishop.

Type III: Careful Anti-Villain (Insecure Villain)

In stark contrast to his good counterpart, These characters are very careful when they are around people and they don't try any bad or diabolical at all, Similar to the type III, These villains have a strong sense of moral.

  • Examples: Sunset Shimmer, Dr. Neo Cortex, Carrie White, Dr. Evil.

Type IV: Remorseful Anti-Villain (Grey Zone Character)

Same as the Type III, But they are Sympathetic, as well are very ashamed in what they become, but they try to be the 'Villain' for some characters, But to others they are 'Heroes' and commonly they are Truly Heroes, Even they can redeem like the other Type of this Kind.

  • Examples: Snowball (The Secret Life of Pets), Homura Akemi, New Goblin (Harry Osborn), Mello (Death Note).

Type V: Villain in Name Only (Misguided Characters)

They are see as 'Antagonist', But commonly this is false, they are heroes, Indeed, many of this chracters are Heroes who need to stay around because they are truly necessary as well as having good intentions, Some of they are Falsely Accused for be 'Bad Guys', but they try to proof that hey are indeed the heroes of the story and commonly they are the heroes.

  • Examples: Anne Maria, Angela (Spawn), Lord Business/President Business, Rachel Lang, Haku, Itachi Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Magneto, Carmen Sandiego, Satsuki Kiryuin, Hector Barbossa, Accelerator, Arfoire, Beelzemon, Baroness (G.I. Joe movie series), Fegan Floop, the Toymaker, Charmcaster, and the Master Hand.

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