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Slo-Mo is a powerful and addictive drug that is distributed and controlled by Ma-Ma, the head of the Ma-Ma Clan the main antagonist of the 2012 sci-fi/action film Dredd. It was first introduced in the Dredd prequel Top of the world, and was invented by a close friend of Ma-Ma named Eric.

Composition and Effects

In the comic that it was introduced, Slo-Mo is described as an LSD derivative. When consumed it slows the brains perception of time down by 100% and is implied to have a euphoric effect on the user. Although it is heavily addictive, the drug was largely described as having no notable side-effects. However given that in the film Dredd when the bodies of several users are examined by Judge Dredd, he notes that the victims have 'burns' from the inhalers on the insides of their mouths, which implies that the drug may have a corrosive effect with repeated use, similar to real world drugs such as methamphetamine. This is further implied by the fact that Ma-Ma's teeth are rotten, which would make sense given that she is a heavy user of the drug. It is also possible that the drug may have degenerative effects on the users mind with long term use, given Ma-Ma's apathetic personality and capacity for excessive violence although this is never confirmed.

Concept and Creation

The idea behind Slo-Mo as a plot device is that it was introduced as a way to bring a dose of peace and happiness into Mega-City one's bleak environment, this is significant because many of it's citizens live in near constant misery with nothing to look forward to. The appeal behind the drug for many users is that it gives a sense of beauty to the their perception and will make them feel content, (if only for a few moments,) these short moments of tranquility and beauty are extended by the fact that the drug slows the users perception down and prolongs the duration of the high in their own minds.


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