The Spider Tank

The Spider Tank

The Spider Tank is a demonically-possessed modern war-machine and a boss in Spawn: Armageddon. This was once a prototype for a new military weapon to be used over any type of terrain. It was taken over by a demon and has begun to mutate into some sort of hellish spider.

The Spider Tank tries to ram its opponents, grinding them in the treads on its feet. It also has a pair of chain guns on its turret with which it can fire hails of bullets in any direction.

The cannon on the front of the Spider Tank fires a powerful explosive projectile that can track its opponent and cause tremendous damage.

The Spider Tank is vulnerable from the rear, since its main gun cannot face that way. If Spawn can get behind it, only its chain guns will pose a threat.

It is also revealed there are recently developed, yet later possessed, Spider Tanks.

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