Spinal's Castle was a ancient and historic building which belonged to Spinal eons ago. The castle was built on an isolated swamp located in forest with thunderstorm.

This castle contain the torches in hall, main tower in front with giant skull, bridge and swamp in down. Inside when Sabrewulf became dweller, contains shield with four swords, painting, fireplace, clock and candle holders. Catacombs below is where bones of Spinal's people was kept.

After the Spinal's death, this castle was abandoned for eons ago to be found by UltraTech in future where capture the bones of same. Here was Sabrewulf's formally place be cause of his lycanthropy.

It was abandoned again when Spinal is death again by Chief Thunder beind thowed of tower and Sabrewulf come back to his old castle home.


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