The Staff of Darkness, also known as the Staff of Shadows, is the personal weapon of Makuta Teridax in the BIONICLE series.


The origins of the Staff of Darkness are yet to be known, but it was assumed that it was in the possession of Teridax following his creation and before the events of the series.

The Mutran Chronicles

When the League of Six Kingdoms attempt to overthrow the Great Spirit but attacking the island Metru Nui, Teridax was assigned by Miserix, the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta to join their army with the alliance with the Order of Mata Nui as well as the Toa Mangai to stop the League's attack. Teridax and his army then arrived towards Metru Nui and they took down several League soldiers before Teridax engaged Pridak, the Barraki in the battle. Teridax and Pridak then fought viciously in the fight before the latter disarmed him by slicing off his right arm holding the staff on it. Pridak then proceed to beat Teridax up and come on the closer on killing him when Teridax retaliated by using his Kanohi Kraakhan& to knock Pridak out. Teridax then picked up his staff and proceed to finish Pridak off before Mata Nui stopped him from killing him, much to Teridax's annoyance.

Following the Brotherhood's corruption when Teridax demanded a Convocation, Miserix who feared that Teridax will take over the organization, attacked him. Teridax in response, engaged him in a duel

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