Summoning Monsters & Henchmen

Summoning Monsters and Henchmen

Do as I command!
~ Tzekel-Kan summoning the Jaguar.

In any story, one of the most famous feats a villain does is to begin Summoning Monsters and Henchmen to do his or her bidding. For instance, the evildoer can:

  • Sic his/her pets or thugs on the hero(es) or runaway(s).
  • Persuade a legion of monsters or army of the dead to rise.
  • Rally an army or a lynch mob.
  • Call forth an army.
  • Employ or persuade a mob or an army to do his or her bidding.
  • Turn a seemingly innocent creature into a monster.
  • Send his or her men to bring down or capture the hero(es).


Animated Films

  • Moreno unleashes his hound, Amrok, and sends him to hunt down Maki after he escapes the slave camp.
  • Zira rallies her followers to invade the Pride Lands conquer Pride Rock.
  • Nassor summons Colossus from his tomb.
  • Marina del Rey calls up her evil pet eels and sends them to kill Ariel and Sebastian.
  • Marcel calls up Nigel and sends him to track down Blu and Jewel.
  • Shan-Yu summons the Hun army to bring down Mulan and the Imperial Army.
  • Dawn Bellwether sics her thugs on Judy and Nick.
  • Ruber concocts a potion that turns his goons into iron-creatures to help him with his plan.
  • Archibald Snatcher sics Mr. Gristle on the boxtrolls.
  • Scarlet Overkill summons her henchmen and sends them after Kevin, Stuart and Bob after they crash her coronation by mistake.
  • Captain Hook orders Smee to pipe up the crew in both the first film and the sequel.
  • The Horned King summons the Cauldron Born via the magic of the Black Cauldron.
  • Hades freeing the Titans preparing do defeat Zeus.

Live-Action Films

  • Evanora and Theodora rally the Winkie Guards to bring down Glinda and her citizens.
  • The Wicked Witch of the West summons her Flying Monkeys to capture Dorothy and Toto.
  • Ultron summons his army of clones to lay siege to the world.
  • Dorian Tyrell sics his goons on Stanley Ipkiss for stealing his money.
  • Imhotep summons an army of mummies.
  • Megatron orders his Decepticon henchmen to attack.


This is no longer a coronation, THIS IS AN EXECUTION! GET THEM!
~ Scarlet Overkill siccing her thugs on Kevin, Stuart and Bob after they accidentally crash her coronation.
Seize him, slaves!
~ Plankton summoning his slaves.
Shoot him!
~ Dorian Tyrell ordering his men to shoot Stanley Ipkiss.
Get them.
~ Dawn Bellwether siccing her goons on Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.
Get her, boys!
~ Victor Costa sending his goons after Zoe.
Dolph, tie up the brat. Lesa, hold the book. Vincent, get the truck! And Keith...darn it, change your name, please?
~ Boingo rallying his thugs.
Mr. Gristle! Acquire them!
~ Archibald Snatcher sending Mr. Gristle after the boxtrolls.
Amrok, go fetch!
~ Moreno sending Amrok after Maki.
Sic 'em, boys!
~ Marina del Rey sending her electric eels after Ariel and Sebastian.
Colossus, rise from your tomb!
~ Nassor summoning Colossus.
(Evanora: My fellow Winkie guards, soon you will be facing Glinda and her army of weaklings. And when they see our towering might, they shall run and flee for the hills.) (Theodora: NO! We shall NOT let them flee! We shall SHOW THEM NO MERCY!)
~ Evanora and Theodora rallying the Winkies to lay a siege on Oz.
You, you, and you, fancy-feet! After her! And bring her back!
~ Baron Ruber ordering his minions to spread out and find Kayley.
"Decepticons! TRANSFORM!!!!"
~ Megatron ordering his Decepticon minions to invade Earth and the Autobots.
Collect your bones! Gather your limbs! Shake the Earth from your flesh! Your master is here!! DESTROY THEM!!!!!!
~ Imhotep bringing his soldier mummies henchmen back to life.

Seize them! Seize them! Stop them, you fools! Stop them! Seize them! Seize them!
~ The Wicked Witch of the West ordering her guards to apprehend Dorothy and her friends during the chase through her castle
(After stealing the Goosebumps manuscripts, Slappy revs up the Haunted Car and tosses "Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes" onto the road, opening the book and releasing a smoky vapor.) That one's a REAL page-turner. (He gives out a creepy cackle and drives off, burning the books. He whoops with excitement, laughing and tossing more books out of the car.) Sorry folks, I'd slow down, but I can't hit the brake!) (Slappy throws aside "Stay Out of the Basement, causing it to land on some loose dirt.) Hey, check out the new bestseller! It'll grow on you. (He laughs maliciously as a giant Venus flytrap plant erupts out of the soil, coiling around an electric post.) Dropped calls are gonna be the LEAST of this town's problems! (Slappy releases more Goosebumps monsters into the town.)
~ Slappy the Dummy summoning all of the Goosebumps monsters from their manuscripts.
Brothers! Titans! Look at you in your squalid prison! Who put you down there?! (Titans: ZEUS!!!') And now that I've set you free, WHAT IS THE FIRST THING 'YOU'RE GOING TO DO?!' (Titans: DESTROY HIM!!!) Good answer.
~ Hades freeing and readying the Titans to defeat Zeus.
Go. Fulfill your dark purpose. Seal the fate of the Czar and his family once and for all.
~ Rasputin summoning his evil demons to obliterate the Romanov family.


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