Super Mario Bros 3 coverbox
The Super Mario Bros. 3 is an well-known video game created by Nintendo, which the game is good but it have some region themes of the game that it have some Satanism themes that it was an theory. Which the game is appears in the satanism themes on the Angry Video Game Nerd review of this.


  1. In the final level background which that it look alike Hell.
  2. Some of the cannons on the battleship which it have an reversed cross.
  3. Bowser's children is have seven of them which it was been reference to the Seven deadly sins.
  4. While you ducking at the block about in six seconds, you have to get an whistle with the speed about six, and after the final level you have to go the the sixth door that it was been reference to The number of the beast.
  5. The pentagram is appear in world 3.
  6. Which the number letter code of that is, you have to pass eight worlds to beat, in the final world you have to be careful of the five pits, you have to do twelve jumps to beat the battle-tanks level, and you have to jump about twelve to beat Bowser at the end, which the code letter is that it spell HELL.

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