The Sword of Shan Yu

The Sword of Shan Yu

The Sword of Shan Yu (in Chinese: 山萸之剑, Shān yú zhī jiàn) is a weapon used by the ruthless Shan Yu, leader of the Hun army in the invasion of China.

The sword's blade has crooked and jagged edges.

During the battle at the mountains when Mushu accidentally fired a cannon causing Li Shang's troops' position to be given away to Shan Yu and the huns, Shan Yu also slashes Mulan with his sword causing her identity to be revealed before he and his huns are caught in the avalanche Mulan caused. After wiping out the Huns in an avalanche, Captain Li Shang presents the sword to the Emperor of China.  However, Shan Yu's pet, Hayabusa the Falcon suddenly snatches the sword away and returns it to its owner, who is perched on the rooftop of the Emperor's Palace.

After Shan Yu is finally defeated, the Emperor hands the sword of Shan Yu to Mulan to show the world what she has done for China. She then presents it to her father as honor to the family.


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