The TRICELL Tanker

The TRICELL Tanker

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The TRICELL Tanker was a massive ship owned by TRICELL, inc and it serves as the final area in Chapter 6-1 to Chapter 6-3 of Resident Evil 5. and used by operatives Albert Wesker and Excella Gione during their plans to spread the Uroboros Virus. Wesker's Assault Bomber was placed below the Deck, set to take off from a specialized launchpad when the boat was at sea. The freighter's roof also had a specialized Satellite Laser Device.

BSAA Agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar boarded the Tanker to confront and stop Albert Wesker as well as Excella Gionne, but the ship was heavily guarded by the Base Majini as well as Reapers, Adjule and Gatling Gun Majini.

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