The Tails Doll Curse

The Tails Doll Curse

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I kind of started freaking out. The word "Tails" kept popping up in my mind. I started to slowly open the door. And heard these very faint words I will never forget again... "You are coming with me... forever." It was a doll. A evil blood-covered possessed little doll. It was from the game.
~ An story of what happen of the curse

The Tails Doll Curse is an fictional curse that it was appears on the creepypasta story, in the story that if someone beat an video game Sonic R an 100 percent or when you play tag to play as Tails Doll on the Resort Island which if someone got the curse the character from the game named Tails Doll is break out off the television if your walking the music appears that it calls Can You Feel the Sunshine? composed by Richard Jacques and performed by TJ Davis.

If someone walk to close to the doll it will kill you off.


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