The Temple of Doom

The Temple of Doom

The Temple of Doom is a cavernous temple that was a place of worship built by the Thuggee cult to honor the goddess Kali, and the titular location in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The temple itself was built deep underground beneath Pankot Palace in India. The main temple room was divided by a chasm filled with lava below.

Worshippers and musicians would stay on the main side of the room, while focusing their attention on the ritualistic activity on the other side of the chasm.

At the center of the smaller side of the temple, stood a large statue of Kali, and an altar in the shape of a skull that housed the Sankara Stones. In front of the statue of Kali was a hole in the ground, which leads to hot boiling lava. Human sacfrices could be lowered in a cage into the vent. Statues around the chamber dated back to the fifteenth century, and included one of Ganesha.

By 1935, Mola Ram had revived the Thuggee cult, and was using the underground temple for rituals. Below the temple were mines where the enslaved children of Mayapore labored to find the last two Sankara stones for Mola Ram.

After an assassination attempt in Pankot Palace, Indiana Jones, Short Round and Willie Scott discovered the trap-filled chambers that led from Scott's room to the caves beneath the palace, where they found the Temple. They watched in horror as Mola Ram magically removed the heart of a Sacrifice Victim then lowered the still-living man into the lava pit, while many worshipers, including Zalim Singh watched and chanted. After the ceremony, Jones climbed down to try to claim the Sankara Stones, and discovered a vent leading into the mines.

Meanwhile, Short Round and Scott were captured. Jones was also captured, and forced to drink the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma, turning him into a pawn of the Thuggees.

Mola Ram started a new ceremony, using Willie Scott as the sacrifice victim, and made Jones assist him. Short Round used fire to break the Thuggee hold on Jones, and the two freed Scott from the cage and fought off Thuggee acolytes and Chattar Lal. Before Jones could get Mola Ram, the high priest escaped through a secret passage below the statue of Kali. Jones, Short Round, and Scott went into the mines to free the children, and shut down the Thuggee operation. After the Chief Guard was defeated, and Zalim Singh was freed of Thuggee influence, Jones and his companions fled in mine cars, and outracing a flood caused by the collapse of a large cistern, found an exit on the face of the cliff.


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