The Terrorin World was a hyperspace created by Terrorin in his proclamation as emperor in Super Bomberman 5.

This place has domes that contains different sceneries trapped them that can be found in the red smog in space. When this hyperspace was expanded, contained more 4 zones representing the world of 4 Bomberman games.

When the Planet Bomber is swallowed by smog and Fiendsh Bombers freed, Shiro (White Bomberman) and Kuro (Black Bomberman) had to go through the own past for arrest all criminals Bombers and face with Terrorin. When Terrorin is destroyed, the arena disappear and this hyperspace has been disabled.


  • 4 Zones: Here was four main worlds in previous games, contains all same worlds, same enemies and same traps.
  • Arenas: Bombermans battle with all criminals bombers here and contains different hard blocks depending of boss.
  • Railroad: A train station controlled by Radio Towers.
  • Music Box: Toybox themed guarded for dolls.
  • Circus: Fun fair full of weird inhabitants.
  • Electromagnet: Devices controlling magnets walls.
  • Clockwork: Emperor Terrorin's domain and core of his empire.



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Terrorin World
Super Bomberman 5

Interest Points


Zone 5A - Railroad
Zone 5A: Railroad
Zone 5B - Music Box
Zone 5B: Music Box
Zone 5C - Circus
Zone 5C: Circus
Zone 5D - Electromagnet
Zone 5D: Electromagnet
Zone 5E - Clockwork
Zone 5E: Clockwork


  • Zone 5 has twice as many levels as the previous zones (30) and the only boss is Emperor Terrorin himself.