The Amulet ("Das Amulett" in German), also known by it's original and ancient name "Grupola", is a special talisman that plays a key role in the 1987 horror/comedy movie The Monster Squad.


The Amulet is a fairly small mysterious amulet of Germanic origin that is a bright gem entwined with 2 crouching bronze dragons, carved with intricate symbols. It shines and emits a bright light that is usually green, but when the cosmic balance between the forces of light and darkness is shifted and at the stroke of midnight, the light of the Amulet changes from green to red as the spiritual energy within it becomes unstable and ever-changing before it's release which creates the swirling black hole that is the portal to the desolate spiritual realm of Limbo which dwells the damned.

The Amulet

The forces of good and evil are in constant flux, and directly connected to the Earth through this magic amulet. Once every 100 years, however, the forces of good and evil achieve perfect balance. during this time the Amulet that is said to be "indestructible", will become vulnerable and can be destroyed, allowing evil to reign over the world. However, it can also be used for a ceremony, that, if properly preformed by a virgin with a Germanic incantation, can unleash the mystical energy inside of it and a blackhole in the universe, a vortex that is described as a "great whirlwind", into the forbidden spirit world Limbo itself. Once that happens the gateway becomes like a swirling tornado which swallows all the forces of darkness, thus banishing all the evil in the world forever.


In 1887, Abraham Van Helsing attempted to use the amulet to destroy Dracula, but failed to do so. Some time after that Van Helsing's friends and cohorts conspired to hid it from evil, eventually hiding it in an American mansion, located in an unkown town on 666 Shadowbrook Road. The Amulet was left in a room filled with crosses and other holy symbols, so that Dracula could never enter the room.

100 years later, Dracula had bought the house and opened the room, but was unable to attain the amulet until a child takes it in order to destroy Dracula. Dracula sent his monster to regain the item, but the children managed to fight off the monsters and, eventually, opened the portal to imprison Dracula with the help of Frankenstein and even Van Helsing himself who grabbed the stabbed Dracula from behind when the monster hunter emerged from the portal.


  • The Amulet shares a similarity with the Mood Slime that is described by Ray Stantz of the Ghostbusters as "like pure concentrated evil".