The Ark

The symbol of The Ark

We will wait for you no more. Control is being taken away from you. From the start it's been a game for us. Not anymore. I'm coming for you. And you will lead me to the ark.
~ Hoody's voice in Entry ###### (about The Ark).

The Ark is a location/object/person/group that appears multiple times in ARG series, sometimes a cameo appearance, not much is know about The Ark, why it is of great importance to Slender Man/The Operator is not certain either.

Marble Hornets

Totheark is the only person in the Marble Hornets ARG that appears to be involved with The Ark, the person, group, entity behind the Youtube channel hasn't been revealed yet. Although based on recent footage it is speculated that Totheark is in fact Hoody.

Theres a popular theory that says Alex Kralie is The Ark because of his name, Alex R. Kralie, however this theory has been proved wrong by Jay, stating Alex's middle name doesn't start with an R. Also, in Entry #79, Jay finds a note saying:BENEDICT HALL: FIND ALEX AND THE ARK, stating that Alex and The Ark are separate beings.


There is a video that is not part of the official video list on Youtube that features Vincent, Evan/HABIT, and Jeff in the basement of Evan's house, where it is totally dark. Everyone seems to be injured with medical tape on their wounds and heavily on edge, The Rake] appears and Jeff is taken by him, EverymanHYBRID says that The Ark is an alternate reality where clocks don't work, electrical equipment that doesn't have batteries has failed, there are no people, and can be assumed The Rake has full and complete access to it, due the video being a video randomly posted outside of the EverymanHYBRID videos to can be either considered from the future or non-canon, one theory that could also coincide with the video is that it isn't our EverymanHYBRID crew, but another crew from another reality.

This universe is also theorized to be the Candleverse.

ChaosWizard13's "Vermillion"

In the "Vermillion Mythos, The Ark is an cult that exists since the 1600s and their initial priority was to share and spread its beliefs with to achieve peace with other villages. However, somewhere along the road, The Ark fell under the rule of a evil ruler with intent to destroy Wicker and all who question their word, followers of The Ark wears a mask similiar to the one that Masky uses, The Tim's Mask.




Welcome to the ARK

Welcome to the ARK


  • The Ark's symbol is a combination of the symbols of Marble Hornets, TribeTwelve and EverymanHYBRID.
  • Noah Maxwell may be a reference to The Ark (Noah's Ark), and The Ark may come into focus once he becomes Firebrand.