The Arrow

The Arrow

The Arrow is a special kind of arrow, used by many villains in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The arrow will turn anyone pierced by it into a stand user, be it human or animal. A stand is a manifestation of the spiritual power of one person, each one having a unique kind of power. The stand will reflect the person's strongest desires. If a person does not have a strong enough spirit, it will die from the energy manifestation. However, the arrow normally only seeks those with strong spirits, being attracted to them. Although the arrow would make a deep wound, the person will heal shortly after and gain his stand in the process. But the most amazing power of the arrow comes when a stand is pierced by it, turning it into a Requiem stand, whose powers far exceed those of normal stands.

There are actually six arrows in total. All of them were forged by a unnamed person, from a strange meteorite that felt on Earth long ago. Because the arrows only seek those with strong spirits, it is implied that this meteorite never hit the Earth by chance, but instead “sought” it, because of it's many strong spirits. The arrows were found by the young Diavolo, who sold five of them to an old woman in Egypt named Enya Geil, and kept the other with him. After Diavolo became a mafia boss in Italy, he gave his arrow to his underling Polpo, so he would turn the gang members into stand users. Enya, by the way, used one arrow to give Dio Brando his stand The World. She also sold some of her arrows, one to Keicho Nijimura, who wanted to create stand users to find a way to kill his father who had become a monstrous thing, and other arrow was sold to Yoshihiro Kira, who used it not only to give his son, Yoshikage Kira, his stand Killer Queen, but also to later create a army of stand users to protect his son. Dio gave one of the arrows to the young priest Enrico Pucci, who was pierced by it and gained his stand White Snake. After Dio was defeated, Jean Pierre Polnareff took one arrow and started investigating their origins, which led him to Diavolo and a horrible defeat, that crippled him completely.


Yoshihiro Kira holding the Arrow

So far, the whereabouts of each arrow are as follows:
  • The one that Diavolo gave to Polpo: Polpo put it on his stand Black Sabbath, an automatic stand. It was destroyed when Giorno Giovanna killed him;
  • The one with Keicho Nijimura: After he was defeated by Josuke Higashikata, it was stolen by Akira Otoishi, who also used it to create many stand users. It was retrieved by Jotaro Kujo and is now secured by the Speedwagon Foundation. Later, Jotaro Kujo took a piece of it and gave it to his daughter Jolyne Kujo, who was in prison, so she could have a stand to protect herself, since the prison was full of stand users who were after Jotaro;
  • The one with Yoshihiro Kira: It was destroyed when he was killed;
  • The one with Polnareff: After he was crippled by Diavolo, he guarded it and discovered the secret about the requiem stands. He was waiting to someone trying to uncover Diavolo to give it to them. After a long battle, Giorno Giovanna was able to pierce his stand Gold Experience with it, the arrow then becoming part of the newborn stand, Gold Experience Requiem;
  • The one with Enrico Pucci: After it pierced him, it was presumably lost;
  • The last arrow was never mentioned, and thus it's whereabouts are unknown.


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