The Big Top Spaceship

The Big Top

The "Big Top" is the Killer Klowns' spaceship that has the same functions as a hot air balloon and is disguised as a circus tent and a location featured in the 1988 sci-fi horror comedy movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

The interior is extremely decorated with several swirls, stripes, and tubes of various colors. 


There are elevators, many doors at just one place that differ in size, the tunnels are extremely curved and there is one big empty room, where above Klownzilla is. There is one room that Mike and Debbie had come into, where purple lightning was occuring from a round electricity core. Mike states it smells like candy. There is a factory-like room that is the Killer Klowns' main laboratory filled with popcorn tubes, cotton candy cocoons hanging just like butchered meat on hangers, popcorn tubes where popping happens just like in electronic popcorn machines.

In the Film

Big Top Spaceship
The Big Top came in the guise of a shooting star and landed in the backyard of Farmer Gene Green's house outside the sleepy California town of Cresent Cove when he did not notice until the beginning of the film. The ols farmer and his dog Pooh Bear went to investigate, then were captured, killed, and trapped inside cotton candy cocoons by Jumbo. Local teenagers Mike Tobacco and Debbie Stone had came inside out of curiosity to check it.

Later on, at the end of the film, the Big Top takes off and heading back to outer space, but it ultimately exploded when Klownzilla exploded inside it, killing all the killer klowns due to the brave actions of Mike and Debbie with the help of police chief Dave Hanson and the 2 ice cream-selling Terenzi Brothers.


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