The Black Party

The Black Party

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"The Black Party" is a slang referring to the terrifying fire caused by Rachel Lang's telekinetic powers that claimed the lives of all the Bates High School students at a football game after-party within Mark Bing's house in the small New England town of Chamberlain, Maine in the year 1999. It is an event in The Rage: Carrie 2, the 1999 sequel 1999 film to the 1976 the supernatural horror movie Carrie based on the controversial 1974 horror novel of the same name by Stephen King. It is also comparable with another infamous incident called "The Black Prom" which surrounds the tragic figure with similar abilities, Carrie White. The party had the purpose to celebrate the success of the football team of Bates High School with all the corresponding implications.

Black Party

The Black Party, the nightmarish massacre that claimed the lives of the Bates High School class of 1999.

It is here, where the town's football team of and the local cheerleaders under the leadership of Mark Bing set Rachel Lang up to humiliate her to the core in their vengeance for having acted against them because of their sex game and because she was dating their popular jock Jesse Ryan. They did not know, she had telekinesis and therefore their plan had terrible consequences, because then, in her vengeance and insanity for the horrible humiliation and the evil behaviour of everyone involved, this, along with the mixed echoes of the ignorant teenagers' cruel laughters and a familiar voice repeating "they're gonna all laugh at you!", awakens Rachel's telekinesis which manifests in her thorns-covered heart tattoo spreading over her body and begins her vindictive rampage. She kills almost everyone of them and burns the mansion to the ground.

Rachel Lang also died of a bloody wound from Mark Bing with a flare gun during the end of the horrific incident, after saving Jesse Ryan who actually loved her, from a collapsed burning ceiling.

Known Casualties

Known Survivors

  • Jesse Ryan
  • Barbara Lang
  • Girl with Sunglasses