The Blade

The Blade

The Blade is a ship ride by the Axem Rangers in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Yaridovich first mentions Blade saying that he had a rendezvous with him once he had his hands on the fifth Star Piece, the reasons why they didn't meet are still unknown. Jonathan Jones' pirates saw Blade while Mario was battling Yaridovich. Blade arrives outside the Barrel Volcano after the Axem Rangers swipe the sixth Star Piece away from Mario.

The Axem Rangers escapes in the ship but Mario follows them leaping onto Blade and starting the battle on the deck. Once all the Axem Rangers are defeated one by one, the Axem Red will activate Blade's cannon to fire Breaker Beam at Mario and his friends. However, Blade dies after the cannon is overloaded and Blade explodes, dying in the process.

Blade is last seen in the ending parade where King Smithy is riding on.