The Earrings

The Earrings

You know, they should come with a warning... "earrings may come with penis."
~ Jessica Spencer (trapped in Clive Maxtone's body) about the Earrings.
This be some serious $#%t. Those belonged to Princess Nawa. There's a myth of her using the earrings to escape a bad marriage. But she didn't know that she had to bring the earrings back together, and she lived out her life as a slave girl.
~ Madame Mambuza about the Earrings and the legend of the Abyssinian princess Nawa.

The Earrings is an enchanted pair of ancient Abyssinian earrings with the power to magically swap bodies of their possessors and they play a major role in the 2002 comedy movie The Hot Chick.


The Earrings are two sized 2.4 gold Abyssinian earrings with small 4 emerald-green gems that are seemingly shaped like the splitting suns.


Legend of Princess Nawa and the Earrings

Magic of the Earrings

The body-swapping magic of the Earrings.

Soon you will live your life in jewels and not chains.
~ Last words of Princess Nawa to a slave girl before they both swapped bodies via the Earrings.

In the year 50 B.C., during a wedding celebration at the royal palace somewhere within the African country of Abyssinia (now present-day Ethopia), Princess Nawa uses the Earrings to escape an bad arranged marriage to a visiting prince (whom she was disgusted because of his crude and snobbish attitude) by swapping bodies with a slave girl she entrusted to recover the Earrings for the Princess in exchange for the young woman's freedom. When each woman wears one of the earrings, their bodies magically trade places while their minds remain where they were. Nawa's father, the King of Abyssinia, came with his guards in search of his daughter. They came to the princess' bedchamber and see the 2 young woman, though they did not see the differences nor noticed anything strange from the earrings both of the women are wearing separately. The king than escorts his "daughter" to her royal groom, while the real Princess Nawa smiles, though she did not realize she had to put the earrings back together before the items' magic consummate at a full moon's end which led her to live out her life as a slave.

Stolen and Recovered

Later in the year 2002 A.D.,


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