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Faces of Evil

Welcome to The Evil Wiki

The Evil Wiki is an encyclopedia that lists all the fictitious (not real) villainous objects and methods and locations (technological or magical or otherwise) used by fictional evildoers for personal gain or destructive ends, everywhere or things of evil shown to have a strong and longlasting negative on everything else and everyone including heroes including those who would later become villains themselves.

Evil or dangerous items (such as artifacts with special powers which can fall into the wrong hands, cursed objects with ominous consequences, weapons with more deadly firepower utilized by warmongering individuals/armies, machines designed by mad scientists for nefarious schemes, chemicals/potions/diseases capable of harmful and even fatal results, and torture devices used to instill fear and pain), evil places (from weapons factories and fortified citadels ruled by evil dictatorships and power-hungry tyrants, to abandoned buildings (like haunted houses and ghost ships) inhabited by restless ghosts, supernatural dark worlds of demons and other evil forces of darkness, prisons containing criminals and kidnapped victims, and cult compounds used by fanatical cults with strange rituals and dangerous purposes) and even styles and "arts" (methodological means or torture and tools of propaganda, methods of mind controls and forms of dark magic).

Other few more aspects of evil associated with villainy are concepts dealing with negative emotions such as fear and greed, villain songs by evildoers, and also sinister events (such as alternate realities with dystopian settings as well as false utopias in them, supernatural calamities and end-of-the-world scenarios, violent conflicts and bloody massacres). All these things of evil existed in literature, mythology, folklore, religion, movies, cartoons, television, comic books and videogames. And they will always continue to exist as long as evil itself still exists. This wikia allows anyone to edit any article, so if you contribute, we can make this an amusing database for villains.

Welcome to the Dark Side.

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