The Facility

The Facility is the nerve center of the Organization who runs the ritual for the Ancient Ones and a location in the 2012 horror film The Cabin in the Woods. It is a vast compound with many sectors that runs deep underground beneath the Cabin.


  • The Director - The leader of the Organization and head of the Facility.
  • Gary Sitterson - Technician.
  • Steve Hadley - Technician.
  • Daniel Truman - Control Room Security Guard.
  • Wendy Lin - Chemical Department Technician.
  • Mordecai - The "Harbinger."
  • Ronald the Intern - Intern.


  • Accounting - The Accounting Department are responsible for keeping financial accounts for damages done to the Cabin.
  • Administration -
  • Archives - The Archives Department are responsible for collecting historic records of the Rituals that have happened.
  • Bio Medical -
  • Chemical Department - The Chemical Department creates and releases the fumes and chemicals to the Ritual's sacrifices in order to influence their behavior and make them act stupid.
  • Communications -
  • DNA Archives - The DNA Archives are responsible for keeping records of the DNA of either monsters, Ritual sacrifices, and/or members of the Facility's staff.
  • Data Archives -
  • Demolition - The Demolition Department are responsible for destroying the tunnel leading in and out of the Cabin's area.
  • Digital Analysis -
  • Distribution -
  • Electrical - The Electrical Department are responsible for giving power to the Facility and the Cabin.
  • Engineering -
  • Finance -
  • Internal Logistics - The Internal Logistics Department are responsible for transporting resources all over the Facility.
  • Kitchen Staff - The Kitchen Staff works at the Facility's cafeteria.
  • Maintenance - The Maintenence Department keeps the Facility and the Ritual in proper condition.
  • Operations -
  • Psychology -
  • Research and Development - The Research and Development Department are responsible for developing information received during the Ritual in order to improve the later ones.
  • Security - The elite soldiers who protect the Facility.
  • Story Department -
  • Wranglers - The Wranglers are responsible for recapturing the monsters that are released into the Cabin once the Ritual is done.
  • Zoology - The Zoology Department studies the anatomies, biology, habits, and classifications of the monsters the Facility owns.

Important Sectors

  • Break Room - Sitterson and Hadley were seen here at the start of the film.
  • Control Room - The main control room for the entire ritual operation. Sitterson and Hadley are in direct control of all the preceding operations from this room.
  • Cube Prison (refered to as their 'stable') - The glass square holding cells for each of the Monsters. (Possible reference to the 1997 sci-fi/mystery/ horror film Cube)
  • Elevator Lobby - The lobby at which the monsters are processed before being sent up to the Cabin.
  • Ritual Chamber - The ritual chamber with the five slabs representing the five sacrifices that sits over top of the Ancient Ones.
  • Secret Escape Tunnel - A secret tunnel from the Control Room to the Ritual Chamber that is secured by a computer padlock.


  • Drew Goddard revealed in a recent Q&A that there are many Facilities like the one featured in the film all over the world, each with a different arsenal of monsters.

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