The Shadowlands Factory

The Factory (Shadowlands Factory) as described in the Deltora Quest book series.

The Factory, also known as the "Shadowlands Factory" and the "Shadow Factory", is an evil factory in the Shadowlands near the Barrier Mountains and this place is built and owned by the Shadow Lord to create most of the monsters for the Shadow Army.

Is it said that sadness might have caused the chemical gases produced from the Factory's chimneys.

Relative Location

There are a few closest locations near the Factory:

  • Shadow Arena - To the west of the Factory lies the Shadow Arena. Here the Shadow Lord's slaves are put up against Vraals in a fight to the death. To the west also lies hills.
  • Garbage Mounds - To the south of the Factory lies the garbage mounds. In these mounds lies piles of expired Grey Guards and detitrus and rots.
  • Barrier Mountains - Beyond the Scrap Yard lies to the south also lies the Barrier Mountains which separates the Shadowlands from the land of Deltora.



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