The Fang is an staff used by Zak Monday and V.V. Argost and one of the many objects in the The Secret Saturdays series.


It looks like Zak Saturday's claw except it's much thinner and curved. It has six spikes instead of three claws. There's also a green crystal skull at the end of it, and it glows green instead of orange it.


Zak Monday once used it control Fiskerton Monday, Komodo Monday, and Zon Monday to attack Zak Saturday, but Zak S stopped him. He also used it to escape from the Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca. He took control of Fisk, Komodo, and Zon Saturday so he could use them to attack Paris and also to force Zak S to retrieve the Monday's airship. Zak Monday was murdered by Argost so he steal his powers. Argost now possessed the Fang and used it control a cryptid army.

Powers and Abilities

The fang gives Zack Monday and Argost the ability to control cryptids. It also has a spring loaded cable to uses as a grappling hook. Zak Saturday can not use it because it does not run on the same powers he has.