Forest Of No Return03:17

Forest Of No Return

The Forest of No Return is a song sung by the trees of the Forest of No Return sung in the 1961 Disney musical film Babes in Toyland. Though it is not really a villain song, it has been sung by villains in fan made videos because of it's dark nature.


The Trees: Ooo-ooh, hey!

Ooo-ooh, hey!

Can’t you read?! Can’t you see?!

This is private property!

Aren’t the signs plain and clear?!

No one is allowed in here!

But since you’re here you should know,

We will never let you go!

You can cry, you can shout,

But you can’t get out!

This is the Forest of No Return!

This is the Forest of No Return!

Those who stumble in, those who fumble in,

Never can get out!

The Children: We have come, seeking sheep.

The Trees: Now, alas, you're in too deep!

The Children: We don't mean any harm.

The Trees: You have caused us great alarm!

The Children: Then we'll be off, on our way.

The Trees: Sorry, but you'll have to stay!

The Children: We will cry, we will shout.

The Trees: Still you can't get out!

This is the Forest of No Return!

This is the Forest of No Return!

You have stumbled in! You have fumbled in!

Now you can’t get out!!

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