The grand design lyrics traducciòn02:50

The grand design lyrics traducciòn

"The Grand Design" is a song that switches between Nava and Niju singing in Balto II: Wolf Quest.


Chorus: Like the rain that fills the ocean
Like the storm that shakes the pine.

Nava and Chorus: We are all a part of the grand design

Niju: This has been our home forever
This is where the clan belongs

Chorus: We were born beside this river
And we filled the nights with songs

Niju and Chorus: We must for what belongs to us
What is yours and what is mine.

Niju: We are all masters of our own design.

Chorus: The land no more belongs to us,
Than the eagle owns the sky.

Niju and Chorus: We must fight for our survival

Chorus: If we don't we'll surely die

Nava: We are one with what surrounds us
Brothers to all we see

Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya!
Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya!

Niju: We are wolves
We take what we need
To stay alive and free

Chorus: The one thing we will surely learn
As we walk the path of time

No one can ever rise above...

Niju: We are wolves, the masters of

Nava and Chorus: ...We are all a part
Of the grand design

Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya! (x7)

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