The Jokerz Territory

The Jokerz Territory

The Jokerz Territory is the name of the area belonged to the notorious Jokerz gang within Neo Gotham (Gotham City of the future).

The Jokerz carved out their own territory, like any other gang, in the lower levels of Neo Gotham. One known location is a power facility near a sewer storm drain. The complex is large enough to house the legion of Jokerz. They appear to use the adjoining storm drains as access points to enter and leave with their motorcycles. Their ill-gotten gains are often stored here as well, such as various video games and even prisoners such as splicers.

On one occassion, Ten lied to Batman that her family, the Royal Flush Gang, was kidnapped and being held for ransom in Jokerz Territory. Alone, Batman was trapped in the complex to fight dozens of armed Jokerz. Bruce Wayne sent the Batmobile, set on autopilot, to extract him.